Graduate Students for Gender Inclusion in Computing
Graduate Students for Gender Inclusion in Computing (GSGIC) advocates for gender equity and inclusion in computing and related fields at Cornell by combating harassment, pushing for policy change, and creating supportive spaces within our professional environment, especially within the graduate school. We believe that policy advocacy for equitable work environments helps every person working in or with computing as well as the people who use computing technology. Our group centers the needs of graduate students and works in solidarity with both the Ithaca and Cornell Tech campuses.
Working Retreat

If you're joining us for our 2023 retreat, please see here for more information.


Resources for harassment and bias are here.

Milestone dates are presented here.

We conducted a survey about how COVID-19 has affected graduate students in computing. You can learn more by reading the Medium post or the full report.

Black Lives Matter. GSGIC stands with protesters condemning the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the ongoing police brutality against Black communities. We cannot fight for gender inclusion in science and technology without also advocating for racial justice in our country and world. See our full statement, including resources, here.

Get involved

GSGIC welcomes members from across campuses, departments, and genders.

Attend our open Zoom meetings: Tuesdays from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM ET for Spring 2023.

Join the mailing list or our Slack channel for the Zoom link and password.

Join our mailing list. Meeting agendas are on Google Drive.


Some of our regular events include panels and workshops that uncover the hidden curriculum of graduate school, social events with food and crafts, our weekly meetings where we discuss current events and upcoming initiatives, and an annual retreat for our community. Here are some events we’ve had in the past:

GSGIC also hosts a virtual speaker series featuring researchers whose work lies at the intersection of gender and technology. Our past speakers have included Os Keyes, Danaë Metaxa, Amna Batool, Michael Ann DeVito, Kandrea Wade-Kienitz, and Katta Spiel.


Do you have an idea for an event, policy, speaker, &c. for GSGIC? Do you have feedback on our weekly agendas, past events, or anything else? We'd love to hear about it!


For more information about GSGIC, please take a look at the constitution here.

Current Volunteers

President: Alexa VanHattum
Vice President: Sidhika Balachandar
Treasurer: Tegan Wilson
Secretary: Varsha Kishore
Data/Surveys Chair: Kate Donahue


We welcome allies as members and as participants in our events. We're stronger if we work together; please join us! If you're looking for resources to become a better ally, we recommend this guide. We also recommend this guide for using pronouns.

Previous Volunteers (2020-2022)

President: Maria Antoniak
Treasurer: Gregory Yauney
Cornell Tech Chair, Vice President: Marianne Aubin Le Quéré
Secretary: Claire Liang
Cornell Tech Chair: Sachi Angle
Cornell Tech Chair: Addie Fuller
Liaison Chair: Griffin Berlstein
Vice President: Sharifa Sultana
Communications Chair: Elizabeth Ricci